bug @ web interface

bug @ web interface


Every time I make reply post to the ICC C++ Compiler forum, and press the submit button, I will get information saying my post is likely to be spam, and will be postponed until some person @ Intel will evaluate it wheter it is really spam or not. Since time lag, this is really annoying. Moreover, I will not then earn forum submission points for my post into my account. Even more, the mail notification regarding to the new post is not send bu email at all, and on forum it is displayed after someone @ Intel will allow the post with result that it is not a spam.

Please consider changing it to allow EVERY post to be passed-thru, and in case of spam, after that (post) remove it. This forum has flawly coded artifical intelligence...

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>>bug @ web interface

This is Not a bug ( as far as I know ) and please take a look at a thread for more information about the moderation of the forums. Thanks.

Forum topic: Post problem on IDZ website: Message queued for admin approval
Web-link: software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/369744

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