License and agreement info

License and agreement info

This may seem like a stramge question for this forum but I've tried to get in contact with Intel for several weeks to no avail! 

I work for a company that already owns several single user licenses in one branch.  My branch may need the Intel compiler for some new work but we're not quite sure yet.  Is it a violation of the license and agreement to get a 30 trial license on line but use our existing cd to install the compiler on new machines, for trial use?


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>>... I've tried to get in contact with Intel for several weeks to no avail...

David, Could you provide a link to your previous post on IDZ?


I'm not sure what you are referring to, my previous attempts to contact Intel have been via direct email and phone calls to their corporate headquarters or product help lines.  So there are no previous posts to link.  At one point I tried to use the online chat but after signing up received a message that I did not have to appropriate status to use that service.  I am guessing I chose the wrong identifier when I signed up.


Did you try to contact the Intel Premier support?

Yes, but that has not worked either.  I'm having trouble getting into that service and have a service request in for help.  In the mean time do you or anyone out there know the answer to my question?  Can I get a 30day trial license key from the Intel web site and use existing paid for s/w as the trial?  It seems ok but there could be issues.  Thanks.

The companion forum on licensing issues could be a useful resource for you; it should give you much more prompt response.

The trial license should allow you to use your old CD; it may imply complications in keeping records of your activity from Intel's side.

Tim, thanks.  I'll try that.  I would think that help for info like this would be easier to get from corporate.  The latency causes loss for other businesses and we certianly don't want to break the law in the process.  Thanks again.


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