Composer 2011 and 2013 side by side installation issue

Composer 2011 and 2013 side by side installation issue

Hello everyone

I have been using Comnposer XE 2011 with VS2005. Now I have to install VS2010 with Composer XE 2013. After installation XE 2013 the XE 2011 compiler is not available under VS2005 any more. There was no choice to install XE 2011 separately. How can I use XE2011 and XE2013 side by side?

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I've seen this happen; I don't know whether it is a problem with an early XE 2013 installer version, complicated by the non-support of VS2005 in XE2013.  If only the single version of XE2013 remains installed, it should be possible to repeat the installation of XE2011 without disturbing 2013.  Right here I have Windows 7, with VS2005 including all service packs supporting XE2011 compilers and VS2010+SP supporting both 2011 and 2013 compilers.

I didn't dare to install Intel C++ compilers v12 and v13 on a computer with Visual Studios 2005 and 2008. I think you need to repeat installations as follows:

- VS 2005
- VS 2010
- ICC v13
- ICC v12

Note: I actually separated three Intel C++ compilers as follows:

[ Computer A - 32-bit development only ]
Intel C++ compiler v8 integrated with Visual Studio 98 Enterprise Edition

[ Computer B - 32-bit development only ]
Intel C++ compiler v12 integrated with Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition

[ Computer C - 32-bit & 64-bit development ]
Intel C++ compiler v13 integrated with Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

Please take into account that Visual Studios of different versions perfectly co-exist on the same computer. On my Computer C I have 8 different versions of Microsoft IDEs.


does not work.

1) I installed XE 2011 for VS2005 only. XE 2011 is available under VS2005.

2) I installed XE 2013 for VS2010 only. XE 2013 is available under VS2010 but XE2011 was removed under VS2005 .

3) I installed XE2011 again for VS2005 only. XE2011 is available under VS2005 again but was XE2013 was removed under VS2010.

What is the procedure to install as followed:

VS2005: XE2011 only

VS2010: XE2013 only




Thanks for the report and your results have to be passed to Intel C++ compiler Installation team. I think both IDEs and XEs should co-exist without any problems regardless of installation order.


the system is a Windows 7 x64 installation.

It is off topic... Could you shortly explain why do you need both Intel C++ compilers on the same computer? Are there any problems or issues? Thanks in advance.

PS: As I've already mentioned I decided to completely separate installations ( different computers ) and I see that decision was absolutely right.

The old tool chain for a release software is based on VS2005 and XE 2011. And I have to maintain that version. I won't change that.

Using different computers is the really last option I would consider.

The new toolchain should be on VS2010 XE 2013.

As faar as I can see both compilers XE2011 and XE2013 are available on the system. Merely the integration on VS is removed.

I would expect from the installer if I select integration of XE2013 only for VS2010 that the existing integration on VS205 with XE 2011 stays untouched. Can I correct that by hand?


>>The old tool chain for a release software is based on VS2005 and XE 2011. And I have to maintain that version.
>>I won't change that.

I understand and this is what I also do.

>>Using different computers is the really last option I would consider...

It is a perfect solution if there is another computer. Take into account that Intel no longer supports Visual Studio 2005 and Intel C++ compiler v12 ( it was clearly stated in the past ) and I don't think something will be made to solve that problem with integration.

We've improved the IDE integration module installation in the 14.0 release. But the existing release won't have the fix.

did you try this?

1) install XE 2013 with VS2010 integration

2) install XE 2011 with VS2005 integration --- this installer does not know the XE2013 because the XE2013 is newer. so it won't uninstall.

The difference of this method and your installation is: you installed XE2011 with VS2005 integration first, and then did a modify.



thanks for clarifying and confirming what I said earlier in the thread.   

Besides the often reported problem with removal of XE2011, I've noticed also that XE2013 update 3 disables but doesn't clean up XE2013 update 2.

I suppose XE2011 will be supported nominally until 14.0 release is available, after that it would remain available for download. 

According to my understanding, Microsoft withdrew support for VS2005 in preparation for VS2012, which explains the choice of currently supported VS versions for Intel compilers.  I know some customers preferred to continue with VS2005 as long as possible.  VS2012 is a fairly important upgrade, particularly for those who can use the AVX support and aren't using exclusively Intel compiler.

Most of us at Intel are scheduled to see a 14.0 beta test soon but haven't yet been informed fully of what is intended to change.  The idea of correcting the installer treatment of previous installations wasn't included in a presentation I saw, although it did cover a new installer.

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