Upgrade to 2013 version

Upgrade to 2013 version

I have the free Intel Composer 2011 for Linux. How do I upgrade to the latest 2013 version ? The 2011 version will not work with the gcc4.7 header files on Fedora 17 since it does not support C++11 atomics.

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If you didn't register your serial number, you should be able to do so at https://registrationcenter.intel.com, which will give you access both to premier.intel.com and to the download section at registrationcenter, to check availability of downloads on your account.

I am registered and can go to my download page but my registration final date has been exceeded. Because of this I am not allowed to download updates since the updates occurred after my registration ran out.

Since I was allowed to get the free Linux edition of Intel C++ it seems I should be allowed to extend my registration to get the necessary updates. But I do not see the way to do that. I did e-mail Intel using a link they had on my download site but I have heard nothing back from them. Is there a more reliable way of contacting Intel so I can continue to download Intel C++ using my free registration ?

According to

you would need to register again.

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