Function Multiversioning

Function Multiversioning

Function Multiversioning

Compiler beta  (14) is able to Function  with (Multiversioning) that exists  in Gnu compiler  4.8.x ?
after more that one hours thread is no reshresh 
After more that one hours  my thread is not refreshed
Require it's read by FBI before ??

Second tests to send.....

After more that one hours my thread is not refreshed
Require its read by the FBI before passed ?
It's laborious ...

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As you've no doubt noticed in the docs, where icc supports similar syntax, the spelling is a little different, e.g. without " " in the argument.  It seems like an obvious target for reconciliation, but I have no information on the plans.

Your reference indicates no support for gcc targets such as x86_64, which looks like a glaring omission.

I suppose you're aware of the way this was done in the past by icc:

Thank for the link
I had not seen ...
I discover ...

>>...Compiler beta (14) is able to Function with (Multiversioning) that exists in Gnu compiler 4.8.x?

If you're a Beta Tester of Intel C++ compiler version 14 then please post all your questions and comments to Intel Premier Support. Thanks in advance.


It require I decide if i want really  download before for participate


This isn't available in 14.0 beta. DPD200182046 is tracking this feature request.

Thank  for the  answer

Hi Bustaf, Would you please send me an email to so we can discuss some activities. Slim.

Hi Slim
Your demand is satisfied.

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