Internal error in the C++ compiler with OpenMP

Internal error in the C++ compiler with OpenMP

The attached program fails with 13.1.0, and the beta version.  It is under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.  The diagnostic is:

": internal error: 20000_0

compilation aborted for OpenMP.cpp (code 4)

Please feel free to contact me directly, as I shall not be following this closely.

Downloadapplication/x-gtar bug-1.tgz6.51 KB
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This doesn't appear to be supported by Red Hat g++, so a current g++ would be needed.  OpenMP atomic is claimed to be supported specifically by icpc, although some OpenMP 3.1 features haven't been announced.  Internal error, of course, is a bug, even if associated with unsupported syntax.

Yes.  I was using g++ 4.8.0.

Has this got any further?  I am not stuck on it, but would like to know whether I can retest and even close the issue at my end!

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