How to compile Spec CPU2006 benchmarks to get Binaries

How to compile Spec CPU2006 benchmarks to get Binaries

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I am trying to analyze the performance of the processor using SPEC CPU2006 Benchmarks on Intel Vtune performance analyzer. I want to compile the benchmarks to get the binaries. I am using core 2Duo(x86-64bit) and windows7 and I have installed Intel c++ compiler( Intel composer XE 2013). I want to know how to compile the benchmarks using Intel c++ compiler ? I would really appreciate if someone could enlighten me about this.



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>>...SPEC CPU2006 Benchmarks...

I think you need to look at Readme or FAQ documents for more information on how to compile the sources ( post a web-link to the project / sources ). As soon as you have some understanding and attempted to compile please follow up with results.

PS: There are so many benchmarks nowadays and there is no time to look even at some of them.

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