how to buy older version of C/C++ compiler

how to buy older version of C/C++ compiler


Can anyoen tell me how I can buy an older version of C/C++ compiler. The project I am working now will need 

(1)    Intel C and C++ Compiler Version 9.1.038

But I cannto find info regarding to how to purcahse it. 


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Check the posted article on this subject:

You don't buy a specific version.  Normally, you can download any version which was released prior to the expiration of your license.

The versions kept on line are pruned, typically keeping only somewhat more mature versions than the intermediate releases, which should be entirely compatible with object files from those intermediate versions.  If you have a license and find the version selection inadequate, you could file a request on your support account to get a specific version.

Tim already provided some details.

I'd like to suggest you to download an Evaluation copy ( 30 days with some number of extentions of that period ) of a latest version of Intel C++ compiler. As soon as it is done you will be able to get access to Intel Software Registration Center and all older versions of the compiler down to 8.1.038 will be available for your evaluation(s). In that case you will be able to evaluate any version ( including 9.1.038 ) before any money spent.

Thx for the info. We need to upgrade our version anyway.

>>... We need to upgrade our version anyway...

I've done two "downgrades" with Intel C++ compiler versions 8.1 and 7.1 for a C/C++ project ( ~100K code lines ). In overall, just a couple of issues were detected and both integrations I would rate as very smooth. For version 8.1 it took ~1 week and for version 7.1 it took less then 8 hours. However, if some problem is detected you will need to workaround it and there is No way Intel C++ compiler team will release a new update for you.

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