Integratio Intel Eclipse

Integratio Intel Eclipse

I'm trying to integrate Intel composer c++ with eclipse. I know that this point has already been the subject of several other posts but my problem  is that in the composerxe I can't find any sub directories eclipse_support type with what follows. Not a big deal because I can use the xcode IDE or the terminal but I'nervus when I'cant resolve a problem specially if it is a stupid problem.

Help please


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You mention Xcode, so I assume you're using a Mac. We provide the Eclipse integration for Intel C++ on Linux only.

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This is simply to let you know that I did a manual integration of MinGW C++ compiler with Eclipse v3.6.2 ( both for Windows ) and it was a very simply procedure. I could provide some technical details if you need ( please let me know ).

Thanks if it is transferable on mac interests me a lot.


>>...if it is transferable on mac...

Step 1: I've added a search path to a Bin directory with the compiler

Step 2: I've added a Build Variable MINGW at: [ Eclipse IDE ] -> Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Build -> Build Variables -> MINGW = Type String = [ a full path to C++ compiler ]

Please try and let me know if the same steps ( or similar ) are applicable in case of Eclipse for Mac operating system.

Hai Sergey!

It also works with the Mac. I'm still not able to locate exactly the full path of the compiler. I have entered this path/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.5.1981/bin/intel64
When I go to add new software I find exactly the position of the path where but misses the compiler.

I'll tray 


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