Intel® C++ Studio XE for Windows: not free for student any more

Intel® C++ Studio XE for Windows: not free for student any more


I'm a college student. One of the homework requires using Vtune. However when I go to this page, click 'STUDENT', then click Intel® C++ Studio XE for Windows*, mark all options, click "ACCEPT". It gives me "We're sorry, you need a serial number to register for this product. If you have serial number please go to the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center .

If you have any questions please contact Technical Support to report the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience."

Does anyone know what's going on?  Thank you so much.



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If your homework requires use of a non-free component it is probably installed in a computer lab you have access to.  You may also have a sales channel through your university that you can obtain a license from.  I would consult with your professor and discuss this issue.

As a temporary fix, you should be able to download a free 30-day evaluation copy, but that won't get you through the semester, so I would still consult with your professor.

It IS FREE for student. "Free C++ Tools. If you are a current student and not paid/compensated for software development, the products below are currently freely available under the non-commercial license for your use.  Please select a product to initiate the download process:"

But I'm unable to download the windows&mac os version. That's what the problem is. Thanks for your suggestion though.

That's a bug on the Intel software development products student offerings webpage. Tools for Windows* and OS X* are not available for download actually; only Linux* is available. We are working to get this fixed asap. I'll enter a note here once the tools for Windows and OS X are back. Hubert.

All Intel student offerings are back online again. Please have a try. Hubert.

Wow, so fast response and fix. Thank you, hubert.

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