compiler fails on enum assignment

compiler fails on enum assignment

icpc version 13.1.3 cannot compile this simple code

enum which { none=0, some=1, all=2 };
template<bool X, bool Y>
struct foo
  static const which R = X? which::all : which::some;
  static const which L = Y? R : which::none;
template struct foo<1,0>;

but complains with the error message error: a value of type "int" cannot be used to initialize an entity of type "const which"
    static const which L = Y? R : which::none;
          detected during instantiation of class "foo<X, Y> [with X=true, Y=false]" at line 8

Note that both gcc (4.8.1) and clang++ have no issues with this code.

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Please update to the latest version of our compiler (14.0) where this problem is fixed. 13.1 is no longer being updated.



thanks. Yes, I noted that myself (after posting this and after my admin installed 14.0.1). However there are other (minor so far) issues with 14.0.1 ... I will open another thread for that.

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