Integration of Compiler 10.0.025 in VS 2005 on Win 7 64bit

Integration of Compiler 10.0.025 in VS 2005 on Win 7 64bit


I had to switch from Win XP 32Bit to Win 7 64 Bit.

Now, I have a problem  with the integration of the Compiler V10.0.025 into VS 2005 on the Win 7 64 bit system.

There is an error message Compiler Integration Package... has failed to load properly

GUID = {D6EEEC80-45EA-4CA7-AE30-747000CA09F81}.

vcvarsall.bat does work.

Maybe there is some help,

Thank you.


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Can you post log file and not message excerpt?

Here is what I get.

BTW. the registry entries for the guid look OK.




Downloadimage/png intelcompiler.png33.98 KB

Remember the additional steps involved in installing VS2005 on Win7:  Vista/Win7 patch and subsequent service packs.  After selecting C++ support option you need the sub-option for X64 support, all of this before you open up the Intel compiler installer.  Significant mistakes require removing and starting over.  You must be in administrator mode all the time, both installing and using.

Unfortunately the info which you provided is not very helpful.I would advise you maybe to search %temp% folder for any log files.

Today I tried again, but I got the same result. I attched the Setup Log file of teh inetgration. But at the end it states "success".


Downloadapplication/octet-stream MSI66430.LOG520.17 KB


Is there a strict requirement to use version 10? If No, then I suggest you to try version 12. These two releases:

Intel C++ Compiler XE [ IA-32 & Intel 64 ] ( Update 3 )
Intel C++ Compiler XE [ IA-32 & Intel 64 ] ( Update 7 / Last one for the version 12 )

are working with VS 2005 SP1.

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