ICL emits warning #809 when using defaulted virtual destructors

ICL emits warning #809 when using defaulted virtual destructors

The following code:

struct B
    B () = default; 
    virtual ~B () = default;
struct D : public B
    virtual ~D () = default;

generates this warning:

warning #809: exception specification for virtual function "D::~D" is incompatible with that of overridden function "B::~B"

when compiled with: icl /c /Qstd=c++11

I believe this warning is in error since the defaulted destructors should have the same exception specification.

I'm using the latest Intel C++ Composer XE SP1 Update 1 (

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Yes this does look like a spurious warning. I have entered this in our internal bug database as DPD200248506.

thank you for reporting it.



I see DPD200248506 listed as fixed in Update 2 (https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-composer-xe-2013-compilers-sp1-fixes-list), however that warning persisted, even in Update 3 and 2015 Beta. Could you verify that?




Sorry I gave you the wrong tracking number. This is actually DPD200250258 which is still open.



an update to this issue. it is fixed in the 16.0 beta. If you'd like to join our beta program, please see Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta program has begun  


I am still getting this with 16.0 release 2016.0.110

I'm having the same problem with ICC 15.0 (the latest update) when compiling wxWidgets in conjunction with virtual destructors. This warning is negligable, though It's annoying.

ah, I forgot to say, that wxWidgets project doesn't use c++11 features like "defaulted destructors" for compatibility reasons. So they are regularly implemented destructors, not defaulted.

I can also reproduce this in version 16.

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