Code not correct with /O2 Version 14.0

Code not correct with /O2 Version 14.0


I am using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 sp1 update1.

I've posted this before and I thought I resolved the issue.  However, the problem returned and I never touched that code. It's isolated in a small lib file.

Anyways, when /O2 is enabled the code does not work.  It compiles and runs, but the expected output data is completely wrong.  This worked correctly under Intel C++ Compiler 12.1 with same settings and it works currently with the latest Visual C++ compiler with the same settings.  If I use /O1 everything works with version 14.0

I can't post the code publicly.  Where do I go from here?

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If you can't make the code public, you can file an issue using your support account (premier dot intel dot com) which is created when you register your license (e.g. https registration center dot intel dot com)  Or, if an Intel compiler team person invites you to attach it to a private reply on this site, that's another possibility.

Just getting used to no longer having privilege to use URL link embedding.


please provide your test case in the private message which i sent you.


Thank you.
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