elementaryOS(Linux) C++ Studio XE Installation Problem

elementaryOS(Linux) C++ Studio XE Installation Problem

I have just acquired student's license for C++ Studio XE, downloaded the online installer, executed the shell script. It is downloading installers, but it keeps giving "Error: Installer checksum verification failed." I redownloaded installer 4 times, constanty getting this error.
Thanks for help.

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You could try the full download package.  The on-line installer is meant to save time in case you don't want everything (e.g. both 32- and 64-bit mode), but that depends on the properties of your connection.

Tim Prince,
Thanks for your help. After downloading installer with the shell script 7 times, last one worked out. I wondered why I kept getting broken cheksum files. Is that an issue with Intel servers or my never-faulty-glorious ISP?

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