Header File Modifications and Recompilation Trouble Using XE 14 and Xcode 5

Header File Modifications and Recompilation Trouble Using XE 14 and Xcode 5

Hi -

I am using the combination of the C++ Compiler XE 14.0 Update 1 and Xcode 5.0.2 running on OS X 10.9.1 and am seeing compilation issues (which is reproducible among 2 of my other colleagues on similar setups).

The problem is the following: any changes to header files within a project are not treated accordingly and recompilation of respective compilation units and relinking of products is not carried out.

Workarounds to this (all impractical) are:

  • clean the project and rebuild everything
  • ​close the Xcode project and re-open it
  • close Xcode and relaunch it

A very simple Xcode project was created that demonstrates the issue.

  1. Create a new Xcode, blank.
  2. Create a C++ library target - dynamic.
  3. Add two files, e.g. a foo.cpp and a foo.h file
  4. Set the compiler to Intel's C++ XE 14
  5. Build - all is well
  6. Build again - no extra work, all is well
  7. Modify the foo.h file
  8. Build - fails to rebuild correctly.

A link to a sample Xcode project can be found here:


Once built, any changes to the *.h file does not incur a recompilation and a relink of the generated *.dylib. This issue does not occur when using Apple's LLVM compiler.

Does anyone know of potential solutions to this?

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Hello Dan,
Thanks for reporting this issue. I've reported about it to the developers, and I'll keep this thread updated with any news from them.

Tracking ID:  DPD200252300 


Hello Dan,

This is not related to the compiler. We reported this issue to Apple. This behavior will be corrected in future versions of Xcode.


Hi Vera,

I then look forward to the next release of Xcode :) do you know if the fix will be available in Xcode 5.1?




No, the exact version unknown to us now. But I will write here about any news regarding this.

The issue is resolved in Xcode 6, headers are recompiled there with C++ Compiler XE 15.0.


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