Please move directory intel from $HOME on Linux

Please move directory intel from $HOME on Linux

The Intel Software Improvement Program makes directory $HOME/intel on Linux.

There is really no reason to pollute the home directory like that. Linux has directories just for this purpose, such as these.


I have opted out of the program during installation, so I'm not sure why this directory even gets recreated when I delete it. Maybe that's another bug in itself.
There doesn't seem to be any data collected at least, as file size and timestamp of the files don't change.

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To give some context. When you use Intel C++ Compiler on Linux this directory is created (and re-created when deleted). Why, when I opted out of the program, is the first question. Second is, why is this so prominently placed in the home directory of the user, rather than putting in one of the hidden folders available just for this purpose. On Windows, it is in some shared hidden folder.

Please file either question, or both, as a bug. Thanks.

I have just downloaded Intel® C++ Composer XE for Linux* 2013 SP1 Update 2 and it's still the case.

I opened DPD200253493 to track this issue.  Thanks for reporting it!

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