Intel Compiler's support for Microsoft Compiler and COM

Intel Compiler's support for Microsoft Compiler and COM


I am working on a high performance application where I would prefer to use Intel compiler for computations but the main application is itself in COM using Microsoft Compiler. I have two roadblocks in this which I am posing as question. Any pointers and help is appreciated for this


  • Is it possible to compiler high performance part of the application in Intel Compiler as a lib or dll and load it into an application using Microsoft compiler using Dynamic or static linking? Are there any pitfalls to the approach which I need to be aware of
  • What is the level of support Intel compiler offers for Microsoft COM? We have a part of potential code which is written in COM as service. Is it possible to compile this under Intel Compiler or should we isolate COM to Microsoft Compiler. I am aware that Fortran compiler supports COM but I am not aware of the level of support on C++. As well is it possible consume COM in Intel C++ as a client using CoInitializeEx?
  • What is the level of support for Microsoft ATL in Intel C++ Compiler?

Thanks for the support and clarification.




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Hello Sai,

The answer to all your questions are yes.

If you create your COM DLL with Visual Studio, the dll can be built with Intel C++ as well. Same for ATL. Only limitation is that Intel C++ compiler does not support /clr.

Let me know if you have more questions.



I mean if the project created with Visual Studio does not contain CLR, it can be compiled with Intel C++. It should be 100% compatible without /clr.


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