intelremotemond runaway

intelremotemond runaway

I'm having problems on some of my servers that seem to be related to intelremotemond. When compiling C++ programs located in a shared NFS-mounted home directory, suddenly the machine seems to lock up. At the NFS server side, I can see a huge amount of open/getattr requests coming in that seem to be related to the intelremotemond process running on the client. This volume is apparently such that no other NFS commands are able to get through, hence the apparent lockup.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation available on this intelremotemond thing though. What does this service do exactly? Is it safe to disable it, and (other than just renaming its executable) is there a recommended way of doing so? Are there configuration settings I can change to reduce the amount of NFS traffic it causes?



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Hi Wim,

The intelremotemond is a process running for the Intel(R) Software Improvement Program ( and doesn't have any affect on the development tools running on your servers or client machines.

You can disable the service via <instdir>/intel/ism (java app) > Settings > Privacy: Improvement Program Options and click on 'No' to disable your Intel Software Improvement Program participation.

And you can also uninstall the Intel(R) Software Manager completely: <installdir>/intel/ism/

I hope this helps.



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Yes, this helped. Thanks!


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