We are optimizing modules with assembly optimization in 32-bit OS for 32 bit architectures (through MSVC) using MASM syntax. Presently  planning to port the same modules for the 64-bit architecture in the 64 bit Linux OS. Our concern is whether  the MASM syntaxes assembly will work in 64-bit Linux OS environment?

We are having YASM installed in the Linux. If we want to compile with YASM, are there any changes are required existed assembly file?. If so what are the changes rehired and How to compile these assembly files through make command line environment.



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Why do not you try to translate from MASM syntax to YASM syntax?

Thanks for giving valuable..any executable/application is available for automatically to convert from MASM to YASM.or manually have to do all these things.

I have never heard about any app for syntax conversion.Probably you will need to do it manually.

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