compiler option for builing x265

compiler option for builing x265

I find one report about optimizing hevc via icc. Below is the link:

the report claim, 'In the x.265 project, Intel® SSE instructions were utilized for vectorization tuning, which contributes to over 70% performance speedup. With further Intel® C Compiler compiling optimization, we get 2x speedup1 on the IA platform.'

In my side, I don't get the result of '2x speedup'.

what's compiler's option? I think the option is key to speed up program, which involve lots of implicit optimization technique imposed by icc.


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Perhaps someone on the companion android forum could address this..


I'll try to contact the author and let you know what options were used in his paper for x265 project and will update accordingly....

Regards, Kittur

Hi, ]

Pardon the delay. I received a response from the author of the paper who ratified that in figure 4 (referenced in the paper) you can see that icc contributed to 20% performance speedup (212/173) and got the 2x speedup by using SIMD+icc (367/173).  Please let me know if you need any further clarification, thanks.


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