Compiler Error With TBB's Atomic.h

Compiler Error With TBB's Atomic.h

I am using the latest Intel C++ compiler suite (updated today), and I cannot use the atomics with TBB. I can declare an atomic variable, but I have no access to the various fetch/load/etc. functions because the __TBB_DECL_ATOMIC( ... ) macros throw errors. The compiler complains:

'Error: Pure specifier ('= 0') allowed only on virtual functions'

On any lines in 'Atomic.h' that use the macro:


I am posting this in the Intel Compiler forum because the MSVC compiler works perfectly. What can I do?

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Found the issue. The compiler compiles it just fine, but the environment (VS2012) isn't recognizing the C++11 so I'm not getting Intellisense and I am getting false error squiggles.

Hello Chirst,

Good to hear that ,let me know if this is still a problem for you.


Thank you.
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