Possible to install C++ Compiler 14 and 15 Beta

Possible to install C++ Compiler 14 and 15 Beta


is it possible to install the "non commercial" version of the linux parallel Studio XE 2014 and the studio 2015 beta at the same time on the same machine for testing and comparing the results?

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This certainly seems to correspond with intended usage. Each has its own environment sourcing script, so only one at a time may be active in a single shell.

@Tim Prince

I thought the same, but the installer for the 2015 version offers me only to deinstall the 2014 version.

Warning has strange wording. in worst case you could reinstall. For windows there is tighter limit on old version retention.

The project is a linux only project.

Also the "no commercial" license is only valid for linux usage.


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No problem on Linux to use either Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 (SP1) or Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Beta on the same system. It's just a matter which source scripts you invoke for Intel® Composer XE, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE or Intel® Inspector XE to run a version 2013 (SP1) or 2015 component. If you however selected the uninstall option for VTune Amplifier and Inspector during the 2015 Beta installation you will not have the version 2013 for these components available.

Regards, Hubert

Hubert's correct, in general major versions should co-exist so you should be able to install both the versions together and within the same family of the product the installer can potentially offer uninstalling options like the Vtune amplifier etc., but compilers are always installed side-by-side. This is applicable to both windows and linux, fyi.


Huberts info correct, i have on openSUSE 13.2 installed Intel Parallel STUDIO XE 2013 SP1 and the brandnew Intel Cluster STUDIO XE 2015 Beta,  its works i have different scripts for each environment XE 2013 SP1 or STUDIO XE 2015 Beta, after the first tests both good developing suites but my decision , now i prefer the Cluster STUDIO XE 2015 Beta ( my personaly decision ) :-)

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I have ICC 14 on Windows and I want to be a beta tester for XE 2015.

But I want to have both versions installed. Where can I submit beta testing programme application?


Check beta test invitation at the top of this forum.

Sorry, for the late replay.

With a clean install of the 2013 and beta 2015 version they seems to exits next to each other. The compilation with both of them fails, but I'm on an unsupported Xubuntu 14.04 at the moment.

Thanks for all the replies.

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