xopintrin.h and fma4intrin.h linker error

xopintrin.h and fma4intrin.h linker error

I'm getting a long range of udefined identifier errors:

/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.9/include/xopintrin.h(444): error: identifier "__builtin_ia32_vpcomleud" is undefined
    return (__m128i) __builtin_ia32_vpcomleud ((__v4si)__A, (__v4si)__B);

All the errors are related to either xopintrin.h or fma4intrin.h and all are of the pattern "__builtin_ia32_XXXXX" is undefined

gcc4.9, gcc4.8 and clang3.4 compiles the codebase just fine. icpc also works on a simple HelloWorld test and some basic sin/log ops.

I'm using icpc v14 trial edition on Ubuntu v14.04. My build system is cmake2.8.12.

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I've noticed that icpc isn't compatible with g++ 4.9. If that's the problem you're running into, you should make g++ 4.8 or 4.7 active when building or running with icpc.

changed the gcc/g++ symbolic links from gcc-4.9 to gcc-4.8 and now it seems to work. thank you!

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