Is there a usable intrinsics guide?

Is there a usable intrinsics guide?

Is there a usable intrinsics guide?

Note, I have the Intel(R) Intrinsics Guide V3.01. However, it is not very productive in finding what you want (need) nor is it comprehensive.

For example, you cannot specify a filter by type. Example, I want to see only _m128i types.

Also, this guide is not comprehensible as it contains only the mmx/sse/avx/avx2/avx-512 intrinsics - it does not contain all the other "intrinsics" such as the meta language intrinsics (e.g. type traits  is_convertable).

Is there such a guide?

Jim Demspey

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Hi Jim!
Well, the compiler user and reference manual is the official reference and this link you mention is the secondary resource mainly targeted at searching/filtering intrinsics. It is also kept in sync with the compiler releases and includes all the intrinsics included in the Intel compiler headers and always kept in sync with compiler releases accordingly.  

I'll pass on your feedback to the compiler team, appreciate much


That is much better, thanks.

A shortcoming though is the other intrinsics are not present _cupid for example. Though I do like the _may_i_use_cpu_intrinsic.

And the compiler intrinsics that are not backed by instructions. There is no one source for all the intrinsics with a good search, index, table of contents. By good search. For example, using the above link, try to find any function that performs a mod function. None do, but you get around 300 hits.

Jim Dempsey

Understood, thanks Jim I've passed on your feedback to the team again - appreciate much. 


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