Calling parent's method in constructor, with templates

Calling parent's method in constructor, with templates


I've encountered something strange when calling a parent's method inside a constructor. If the class and the parent are templates, I get "error: identifier "go" is undefined" message. A minimal code example (tested with "icc (ICC) 14.0.1 20131008"):

template<typename T>
struct boom
	void go() {}

template<typename T>
struct boom2 : public boom<T>

boom2<int> aaa;

Without the templates, it works. It can also be fixed by replacing go() with this->go(), so it is not a big issue for me. But it makes me wonder, whether my code is correct. As far as I know, it should be, but I'm not really familiar with all the details of the C++ standard.

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I've just noticed that the problem is not limited to calls from constructor, but from any method. Seems like I may doing something in a fundamentally wrong way.

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Your code is incorrect. Since you are using a dependent base class and you are using the name is an unqualified way the name will not be found.



Great! Thanks a lot for the explanation. So the code is indeed incorrect and the fix is correct. As I already wrote, I'm not really familiar with such details of C++, but the links explain it well.

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