Xcode does not find openmp libraries

Xcode does not find openmp libraries




Hi I install the compiler and it runs on command line. However, in Xcode it gives an error when I try to use mkl libraries or openmp libraries writing dyld... not found while executing. Please help.

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This looks like a question for the forum corresponding to your compiler (C++ or Fortran?) if you don't find out the answer by reading the docs.


I am moving the post to C/C++ compiler forum, as it does not relate to the open source runtime.

- Andrey

Hi Doron,

You didn't mention the compiler version and OS X version.

Probably, you encountered the known problem described here - https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/os-x-1011-not-supported-by-intel-parallel-studio-xe-2015.

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