Is /Qconditional-branch:all-fix supported?

Is /Qconditional-branch:all-fix supported?

The documentation mentions that the option /Qconditional-branch accepts all-fix as an argument, in addition to keep, pattern-report, and pattern-fix.

However, such argument appears to be invalid with the Intel C++ Compiler 2018.0.3.054 

2>icl: : warning #10159: invalid argument for option '/Qconditional-branch'

Does this mean the documentation needs updating? Or has support for this argument postponed to a future compiler release?

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According to 18.0.3 Release Notes,, it doesn't list "all-fix" as a supported argument. But the 19.0 beta update 1 does support it.



Okay, I'll wait for the 2019 version to see what kind of code the compiler generates.

I was confused because the Intel® C++ Compiler 18.0 Developer Guide and Reference that I linked above does mention this option.

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