Problem with BetaSTMCCompW license

Problem with BetaSTMCCompW license

After installing STM compiler with the new trial licence for IntelComposer (Windows), I am getting this error:
Intel C++ STM Compiler Professional for applications running on IA-32, Protot
ype Edition 4.0 Build 20100806 Package ID: w_cstmc_p_11.0.509
Copyright (C) 1985-2010 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Error: A license for BetaSTMCCompW could not be obtained.

How could I provide this BetaSTMCCompW license?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm having the same issue

I know its a little too late to be checking on this.. I have a linux 30 day trial license and though the, intel stm 4.0 compiler, installation happened, I was unable to integrate my program with the STM libs.. What kind of license do I require to make this work? .. is it still in beta?.. Or is STM made available through someother product suite? ... Any info on this would help.... thanks

No its not too late, rather its too early :) Here is the email I received from Robert Geva on May 17, 2012: "Hi Miroslav, the technology was not transferred to the product compiler or to any other Intel product. We currently have no product that carries STM. Thanks, Robert.". So, it seems we have to wait for the new product compiler from Intel. Cheers, Miroslav

Aaah thanks... I have an old product developed through STM and am just trying to go back and update it. Unfortunately I am unable to compile it... I wish they could continue providing beta license until such times.. anyway will wait and see... thanks anyway!! :) ...

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