STM compiler ABI specification released

STM compiler ABI specification released

In case you haven't noticed, we just released a document which describes the ABI used by the (upcoming) STM compiler release;

This gives you the informationyou need to

  • use another STM runtime with the Intel compiler
  • use another compiler with the Intel STM runtime
  • write hand-instrumented code which calls the Intel STM runtime

though I would not recommend writing hand-instrumented code!

It is our hopethat other compilers and runtimes will adopt this ABI, since we believe it is in everyone's interest to be able to mix and match code compiled by different compilers.

For researchers this

  • reduces the effort needed to play with a compiler STM system, since you need only write the STM runtime and plug it into a compiler which also uses it
  • allows better comparisons of compilers and runtimes, since the same compiled code can be benchmarked with any runtime which obeys the ABI


-- Jim

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