Seg fault when STM Statistics turned on

Seg fault when STM Statistics turned on

Hi -

When I am trying to run a program that uses transactions with STM Statistics turned on (ITM_STATISTICS=verbose) I get a segmentation fault in the _ITM_initializeThread function which seems to be called through the commitTransaction. When running it without statistics turned on the program runs fine. Unfortunately, the size of the program is not trivial so I cannot post it. I tried to reproduce the seg fault in a smaller program but I couldn't.

Any help appreciated.



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Hello Haris,

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this issue.

Can you give us a little more information to help us troubleshoot this problem? For example, what OS were you using? Also, any details you can give about the attributes application (ie. how many threads, memory usage,etc) may help us to recreate it locally. Any more information you can give us would be appreciated.



I've also encountered this problem, on both X86 (Fedora core 4) and X86_64(RedHat 5). It occurs whenever I set the ITM_STATISTICS to simple or verbose, even when using only 1 thread with very small dataset. Again, only certain applications have this problem.

Since we haven't seen this in house, a small test case would be very useful. Maybe you could post it here, or mail it to me


Thanks to Jiaq for providing a test case which allowed me to analyse the problem.

My understanding now is that the problem applies only to Linux, and only if you compile the code which contains transactions with the -fPIC (or -fpic) flags.

So, the workaround is not to place code with transactions in dynamic libraries, and don't compile with -fPIC.


-- Jim

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