New TM Compiler available

New TM Compiler available

In case you haven't noticed, the 2.0 version of the compiler is now available

Quoting from there

Q - What is new with Edition 2.0?

A - The Intel C++ STM Compiler, Prototype Edition 2.0 for IA-32 and Intel64

  • Enhanced integration of transactional memory features into C++ such as the TM support for C++ class annotation, inheritance, virtual functions, templates etc. and supporting failure atomicity, requiring less source code changes required to use TM constructs and annotations in C++ programs.
  • The ability to call legacy, non-transactional functions from inside a transaction, simplifying the use of transactions with existing code at the cost of serializing if such functions are called.
  • New transaction specific compiler optimizations and STM runtime library algorithms.
  • Transactional malloc/calloc/ralloc and free support for the use of malloc and free inside transactions providing the correct transactional semantics for these functions.
  • Runtime statistics gathering to aid performance tuning of transactional programs

We believe that this also fixes many of the problems which people in this forum have kindly reported to us.

All feedback (and new bugs) gratefully received.

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