_Pragma not supported by icl 1-0.0.516

_Pragma not supported by icl 1-0.0.516


I downloaded latest version of STM version of the Intel compiler (Build 20070911 Package ID: W_CC_C_10.0.516) and tried compiling second sample file: intel_stmtest_hashtable.c. Unfortunately, I get this error:

intel_stmtest_hashtable.c(290): error: expected a ";"

Post preprocessor output shows that the line before is expanded to

_Pragma ("omp atomic")

I understand that it's not STM-related but since you posted the sample, I'm posting it here first. I did compile and run the first example successfully.

Thank you for your time.

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What was your command line when you compiled the program. Was it

icl Qtm_enabled Qopenmp intel_stmtest_hashtable.c o hashtable

_Pragma is a C99 feature which the compiler does not enable unless you tell it to compile to the C99 standard. Therefore to get support for _Pragma you must use the -Qstd=c99 command line option.

Hope that helps.

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