Q&A: STM Compiler Error

Q&A: STM Compiler Error

This is a question received by Intel Software Network Support, along with the response supplied by one of our experts at Intel:

Q.When Itry to Specify Atomic Code Blocks for STM,I use"Intel C 10.0.516" to compile my program and thiserror always appears: identifier "__tm_atomic" is undefined. What do I need to do?

A. Youneed to specify the compiler option Qtm_enabled on the command line.


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I had the same issue so I added the -Qtm_enabled option, but still received the following error:

icc: command line warning #10006: ignoring unknown option '-Qtm_enabled'

Any ideas on how to fix this?


The regular 10.0 release does not have support for STM. You need to download the C++ STM compiler from this whatif web page.

Xinmin Tian

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