Intel C++ STM Compiler installation problems on SUSE SLES 9

Intel C++ STM Compiler installation problems on SUSE SLES 9


I installed the new STM compiler on a Linux SUSE SLES 9 box and was able to compile some simple examples. However, the installation seems to be missing some key header files. In particular, the compiler cannot locate stdargs.h.

I noticed in the installation log that the sample C++ compiles fail due to the same reason (missing stdargs.h, missing headers in the bits directory).

I found a very old installation of ICC and was able to point to the old headers, however this is not ideal.

Can anyone else verify?

Thanks, Michael

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Alright, I figured this out. I don't know if I have a non-standard GCC installation (probably) but the stdarg.h header is buried under the lib/ directory. Go figure. If I do have a standard GCC installation, then ICC was not able to locate stdarg.h under this lib/ directory. Not that I blame it. Who would put a header file under lib/? I'm using --cxx-lib to locate the GCC root directory.


It should always reside in $PREFIX/$LIBDIR/gcc/$TARGET/$GCCVERSION/include, where $PREFIX is the directory where gcc is installed (usually /usr), $LIBDIR is either "lib" or "lib64" depending on the platform, $TARGET is the target this version of gcc builds for and $GCCVERSION is the version of gcc.

Maybe the current Intel compiler cannot handle the old version of gcc shipped with SLES9 correctly any more.

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