Intel C++ STM Compiler, Prototype Edition

Intel C++ STM Compiler, Prototype Edition

The Intel C++ STM Compiler, Prototype Edition includes runtime
libraries for transactional memory language construct extensions. The
transactional memory C++ language constructs included allow developers
to exercise new language constructs for parallel programming and to
understand the transaction memory programming model.

memory is proposed to simplify parallel programming and to provide an
alternate concurrency control mechanism that avoids common pitfalls of
parallel programming. Such pitfalls include using locks for fine-grain
synchronization and composing code that already uses locks, making code
prone to deadlocks.

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I'm very interested in trying out the C++ STM compiler. However, the download links are not working for me. I get a "Page not found" error.

What's the URL of the "not found" page? Does this happen when you click the link in the above post or at a later point?

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I have checked again and it seems the problem happens with Firefox. Using IE 7 the download links work fine.

These are the steps to reproduce the problem with Firefox:

1. Start here:
2. Click Download Now! (
3. Type email address, then click either Windows or Linux download link.
4. Get "Page not found" error (

Thanks - I can reproduce that and will let the proper people know.

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The Firefox download problem has been fixed.

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