Do we have Intel Cilk Plus for Linux?

Do we have Intel Cilk Plus for Linux?


I want to evaluate Cilk Plus for our application. I am looking for Cilk+ for linux operating system.
The binary I downloaded (Intel Parallel Composer)for evaluation is for Windows Operation System.
Do we have Binary available for Linux as well??
If yes please provide us the location from where it can be downloaded.
If not, Can we expect it to be coming in near future?
Help is appreciable.
Thanks and Regards,
Sumit Bharti
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Hi Sumit,

We're still in beta for the compiler product that supports Intel Cilk Plus on Linux*. If anyone else is interested, reply to this thread, and I will try to get you invited. Thanks.

You can count on me.

Linux support is now available. See the thread here for more information.

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