Can _Cilk_for iterate on STL maps?

Can _Cilk_for iterate on STL maps?


I have this loop iterating over a std::map:
for(std::map::const_iterator it = MyMap.begin(); it != MyMap.end(); it++)
No insertions/deletions are performer within the loop. Instead, values are just read from the tree as it is traversed.
1) Is random-access to elements and loop count computation at constant time mandatory?
2) Is it safe to use _Cilk_for on this loop?
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Hi Jorge,

This kind of loop won't work with a cilk_for. You'll get the following compiler error:

 error: no operator "-" matches these operands

This is because cilk_for needs to be able to randomly access the container elements so it can dynamically split ranges in half as it spawns out work to be done in parallel.

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