cilkview and cilkscreen

cilkview and cilkscreen

Intel Composer XE 2011.

I recently downloaded and I am trying the above software. I have read a few small docs on it. What parts of it are analogous to the cilkscreen and cilkview that is in the original software. I really like both of those and wish to use them (or their equivalents) again.


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We do plan on having Intel Cilk Plus compatible versions of Cilkscreen and Cilkview in the near future, but unfortunately I can't be any more precise on dates.

In the meantime, let me direct you to the following links on Parallel Inspector 2011 and Parallel Amplifier 2011 support for Cilk Plus. These articles I believe should translate fairly well to Inspector XE and Amplifier XE.

Parallel Inspector 2011 -

Parallel Amplifier 2011 -

Cilkscreen and Cilkview for Intel Cilk Plus are now available as a WhatIf kit!

See the announcement in this forum.

- Barry

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