Strange Problem under Visual Studio 2010

Strange Problem under Visual Studio 2010

Well , when I tried to use cilkview, I got some weired problem. Building Prompt:

cilkview.h(199): error : identifier "__cilkrts_metacall" is undefined

I just include this header, and I used none of the functions declaired in it (Yes , I JUST include that header, nothing more...).

I don't believe things goes wrong in cilkview.h, but what's going wrong???

and my cilkview header is from cilktools-1113... which I think I downloaded and installed properly

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Since you're using VS2010, I assume you're running under Windows. :o)

I need to know which version of Intel Cilk Plus you've got installed. The easiest way to look at the vesion information in cilkrts20.dll. Do do this:

  • Open an Explorer window to \redist\ia32\compiler
  • Right click on cilkrts20.dll, and select "Properties" from the context menu
  • Click on the "Version" tab.

Please post the File Version that is displayed. Something like "2.0.1487.0"

That will tell me which version of theIntel Cilk Plus include files you've got.

- Barry

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