Issues with the product documentation

Issues with the product documentation

Hope someone will fix them.

(0) Example code could be well-aligned, quite a few places.

(1) There are a number of places with "Note iconNote" or "Tip iconTip".

(2) Missing a ")"
__declspec (vector (optional clauses) return_type function_name (arguments)

(3) int -> float for the array type
Why not use cilk_for rather than openmp here? (as the specification)

void saxpy_vec(int m, float a, float x[m], float y[m]){

void main(void){
int a[2048], b[2048] ;
#pragma omp parallel
for (int i = 0; i < 2048; i +=256){
saxpy_vec(256, 2.0, &a[i], &b[i]);

(4) "i=j" --> "i - j" ??

for (i=0; is = 0
for (j=0; j s+= x[i=j] * c[j];
y[i] = s;

(5) Mixing Windows and Linux syntax
"icl -Qopenmp -Qstd=c99 test.c"

(6) Missing ";",
"j" should be "int j" to be a valid cilk_for

_Cilk_for (j = 0; j < n; ++j) {
a[j] = ef_add(b[j],c[j])

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Thanks for the suggestions and fixes!

Which sample applications or documents are the problems located in?

- Barry

I was talking about the product documentation. Here is the link

I've passed these onto the technical writer for correction. She asked which OS and browser you are using, since that might effect how some of the document is displayed.

Thanks again for your assistance!

- Barry

If you go to the updated 12.1 User's Guide (for example, the C++ for Windows one is at ), most of these issues are addressed. The only two that still exist that I see are #5 which should be addressed, and #6 which is not true if you write the _Cilk_for in C and not C++, so the sample code given is valid in that context.

Thanks for the pointer.

Seemly this is not a OS problem (I was using firefox under ubuntu 10.10). With the document from

those icons are back.

I am pretty sure there is a typo with "int a[2048], b[2048] ;" (should be of type float).

Sample code like

- Gather and Scatter example
- FIR scalar code
- Using Holders - An example

look not so great.

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