How to submit cilk bug report

How to submit cilk bug report

Hello I encountered a internal compiler error:

BodyPose.h: In copy constructor BodyPose::BodyPose(const BodyPose&):
BodyPose.h:50: internal compiler error: in expand_call, at calls.c:2147
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
This compiler version is 4.2.4 (Cilk Arts build 8503)
See for instructions.

but the given url does not have a place to submit bug report. I wonder how shall I proceeed with this to eventually parallelize my program?

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Hello Zhunping,
I think you are using a Cilk++ GCC compiler. Itdo not believe it is fully-supported any longer. If you wish to use IntelCilk Plus, you may use Intel compiler (ICC) or the GCC CilkPlus compiler (this is not in the mainline yet, it is a branch in GCC)that you can download and build. If you would like GCC toolchain-builing instructions and the download link, please let us know andI canprovide you.


Balaji V. Iyer.

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