Intel C++ Compiler XE 12.1 & Common Language Runtime Support /clr

Intel C++ Compiler XE 12.1 & Common Language Runtime Support /clr


I am new to Visual Studio and Cilk/Parallel Programming. I have a problem with /clr & Intel compiler. Am using "using namespace std; using namespace system;" etc with /clr option which is fine with the Visual Studio C++ compiler but when I try to use the Intel C++ Compiler XE 12.1 there is no option for this setting and I subsequently get an error that I must enable the /clr option.

When I try to use the library with the VS C++ Compiler I get an error that no such file or directory exists. Is there anyway to make them both friendly?


I just need to spawn an independent function. Which takes a number of files and does some computation on them one by one. This process is serial and no other function will be using the variables at that time except this very function or it's spawned siblings, if there could be.

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Intel Cilk Plus is exclusively for native code. It does not support managed C++ (/clr) at all.

I believe (though I'm not entirely certain) that the Intel C++ Compiler XE is also exclusively for native code. You should ask about this in the Intel C++ Compiler forum to get an authoritative answer.

While I'd certainly encourage you to rewrite your application from managed to native code so you can take advantage of the features of Intel Cilk Plus and the Intel C++ compiler, I can understand why that might be a large step. :o)
To spawn a thread to run a simple task in managed code you should look at the System.Threading.Thread class. The page I linked to includes sample code in VB, C#, and C++.

- Barry

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