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Internal Server Error

Itried to use the knowledge base on the Intel website to learn more about Cilks/Intel gcc. The search gave several hits, but when I investigated a hit all I got was an internal server error.

Something is wrong here.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Hello Newport,
What are you exactly looking for about Intel Cilk Plus GCC? We do not have any formal manual about Intel Cilk Plus GCC. The overall structure of the compiler matches the mainline GCC.


Balaji V. Iyer.

I am just looking to get some simple c source programs to paralellize using Cilk Arts gcc. It is not well documented in the Cilk Arts manual. I just need to know what modifications that one must do to acorrect and working c source program to paralellize it with Cillk Arts gcc. I assume that you add the include file
cilk.h and change the main program name to cilk_main. Then you the three keywords.

It is very similar to modifying a c++ program tocilk++. It is just thta you are working in c not c++.

Is this correct? Thanks in advance.


Cilk++ supported both C++ and C, and uses the same three keywords (cilk_spawn, cilk_sync, and cilk_for).
My vague recollection is that there were relatively fewdifferences between C and C++ from the perspective of Cilk++.

Just to avoid any confusion, Cilk++ used a modified version ofGCC (which you are referring to as Cilk Arts gcc). As far as I know, Cilk++ (Cilk Arts gcc) is no longer being supported / maintained, which in part may explain some of the web page errors you are encountering.

Balaji is referring to is Intel Cilk Plus GCC, which is a branch ofGCC 4.7. This version is under active development.

I'll need more that that to track this down. Can you give me the query string you used and which link generated the error?


- Barry

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