installing Intel cilk++

installing Intel cilk++

I am installling cilk_8503-i686.release.tar.gz which I have previouslty downloaded. My OS is Ubuntu 11.04.

When I was following the prompts it said that I have an unsupported OS. I have previously installed Intel Cilk++ and there was no problem. I ignored the message and directed the installer to treat it like a Debian install. It gave the option to go on and I did.

I am at the stage where I have to give the command

source install-dir/bin/ ia32

I have a bash shell. I cannot find the files. The subdirectory is loaded with *.rpm files which of course I do not want.

What happened? I do not remember such a complicated install when I did this in 2010. I cannot find
the /bin/ directory that the command refers to.

I have a lot of *.rpm files which I do not need. The software did say installation was successful so I guess something went correctly. I just cannot perform the last command.

I may have to uninstall and start agin - how do I uninstall? I think it is the only thing left. Maybe, I can save the install if I can find and the right /bin/ directory. I am using 32 bit Ubuntu 11.04.

This was easier in 2010.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Okay, ignore most of what I wrote above. I found the file. It was in


I must have installedas root. Anyway by running the command

./source install-dir/bin/ ia32

using sudo and not using sudo to prefix it. I got

/opt/intel/composerxe-2011/tbb/bin/ 38 [[: not found


/opt/intel/composerxe-2011/mkl/bin/ bad substitution

How do I get rid of these errors? It seems to have a problem when I run the above command:

./source install-dir/bin/ ia32

Thanks in advance.


Alright I can answer my own question. I should use

souce install-dir/ ia32

It installed. Please excuse the clumsiness.


As long as you found your answer it's not a problem. :o) However, in the future, please try to differentiate between "Intel Cilk Plus" and "Cilk++".

"Intel Cilk Plus" is the supported implementation of Cilk and array annotations that is contained in the Intel C/C++ compiler (Intel Composer). Support for Intel Cilk Plus is provided in this forum. An implementation of Intel Cilk Plus is also available in the "cilkplus" branch of gcc 4.7.

"Intel Cilk++" is the "WhatIf" kit version of the Cilk++ product originally from Cilk Arts. Questions about Cilk++ belong in the Intel Cilk++ forum. Cilk++ is not supported.

-- Barry

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