Makefile issues

Makefile issues

Okay I installed Intel Cilk++. It seems to have been installed properly - no errors. I tried using the Makefile


and I got something like

error: can't open file linear-recurrence.o for write

compilation aborted for linear-reccurence .cpp (code 1)

I am sure it could open the *.o file. It was not in the directory andI do not think it is in the $PATH.

However,I stillwant to use the Makefile and run through the tutorials.

What is going on?

Using Ubunto 11.04 and Intel Cilk++.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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On the face of it, you don't have write privilege in your current directory, as you normally would when compiling. If you use sample Makefiles in root owned directories, copy them into, or refer to them from, your own file space and try there.

The /opt directory is only writeable by root. Try copying the sample directory to a directory you own the write permissions to. I'm not sure if yours says this, but the samples.htm file in the latest updates has the recommendation to "Please ensure that any files used are copied or untarred into a writeable directory."

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