using cilkview and cilkscreen

using cilkview and cilkscreen

Where is their some instruction or document on using cilkview and cilkscreen? I do believe that what is in the Programmer's Guide is current/correct. It seems that cilkview at least has a lot of different functionality.

Where can learn about hw to use cilkview and cilkscreen as they exist today?

Thanks in advance.


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the latest documentation is contained in Intel Cilk Plus Software Development Kit. After extracting there will be a sub-directory called "doc" which contains one HTML file.

There's an out-dated knowledge base article, too:

I'm currently about to revise it.

Best Regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

I know that some hahve chaged since that outdated document, but to will still hacve to use






I just need to know what must be in the c source code to use cilkview reliably. It seems the old methods (without the cilk object) are okay.

Any help appreciated.



didn't my answer on this thread help you:

? (reply #2)

It's exactly the same approach.

cv.start/stop/dump are not used anymore. Instead, use:

    cilkview_data_t start;

    // profile this here
    __cilkview_report(&start, NULL, "my_tag", CV_REPORT_WRITE_TO_RESULTS);

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

It is having trouble finding my cilkview.h file. It is in


which is not in my $PATH. How can I correct this?

1. I can makean additonal $PATH section to it (it is getting to be a long $PATH).

2. I can move cilkview.h, cilkscreen.h and any other header file in that cilkutil directory to another include file directory tha is in my $PATH.

I do not know which one is best or even if there is another way.

What can I/ should I do?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.



use "-I" like this

$ icpc -I/Desktop/cilkutil/include/cilktools/ help the compiler find the include directory for the cilktools' header files (here: cilkview.h).

You don't need to set $PATH; just use "-I" as described above.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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