trial is over

trial is over

Ibelieve that I must tempoarily go back to the Cilk Arts verson of Cil. I started the compiler today and got the error:

Error: A license for CComp is not available (-5,357)

I believe that this signifies that my 30 trial period is over. I expected that my 30 day trial period would end, but I was not sure when. As you know I speent quite a lot of time getting it installled and working.

Yes, I do have a voucher submitted to my purchasing department to buy this, but they can be very slow. I work for the US government, actaully the US Navy.

It seemsits best to make the changes and work with the Cilk Arts compiler until that day comes when they purchase Intel Cilk++.

My question is willI still be able to use the forum for tech suppport.Does Cilk Arts have a compiler that works with c? I hope so.

I am counting on the chnages between Cilk Arts and Intel Cilk++ to be easy.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


PS I feared this might happen that is whyI was reluctantt to gotto the Intel Cilk. I will see my branchead soon and ask that thngs be speeded up.


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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Please use the Intel Cilk++ Software Development Kit forum for questions about Cilk++.

The Cilk++ kit is provided as a WhatIf kit. We're not likely to release any new kits, but we'll answer questions if we can.

Note that Cilk++ is an extension of C++. You can use it as "a better C", but there is no C compiler variant. Reducers, for example, depend upon templates and other C++ features.

- Barry

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