cilk 5.4.6 compiler issue

cilk 5.4.6 compiler issue

I took the fibonacci progam in the cilk 5.4.6 manual and I tried to cilkify it. The attached file fi3.c is the basic file in c form. I then took that file and cilkified it to fib3.cilk. That was easy. It compiled and ran perfectly.

Please note that I added a third function strictly because I wanted to call the single cilkfunction from a non-cilk function (using stub and all) so I could see howthat works. Whena c function that is not the main function calls a cilk function shown in fib3.cilk.I then broke the fib3.cilk function up into three files:


They are also attached.

Now when I compile using the command

cilkc fib3_1.cilk fib3_2.cilk fib3_3.cilk

I got a couple of the warnings

Warning implicitly declaring function to return int:

They applied for both function fib3_2.cilk and fib3_3.cilk. When fib3_2.cilk ispure c source and fib3_3.cilk is cilk source.

When I prototyped the function in fib3_2.cilkand put it in fib3_1.cilk (where it is first used), that got rid ofone error. I tried to prototype the function in fib3_3.cilk and put it in fib3_2.cilk where it is first used.

Igot the error:

Warning implicitly declaring function to return int:


I then added extern to this protype statement and still got the error.

It is only a warning, but it should be eliminated. Protpyping and adding the modifer extern does not do it.

What will?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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