Purchasing Intel Cilk Plus

Purchasing Intel Cilk Plus

I installed the Intel Cilk plus software a few months ago. It stopped operating after 30 days. Where is the cite to purchase/download?I have been approved for purchase.I do not know whether to download and reinstall or just get a code and unlock my now dormant install.I need some direction.Any help appreciated.Newport_j

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Okay, now I am really confused. I wanted to purchase Intel Cilk plus. I am only interested in:The ability to program in c and c++ source. icc and icpc are all that I need. No Fortran. I just want the compiler for icc and icpc and cilkview and cilkscereen.I do not want anything else. I remember the price at somehwere between $ 500-800. That is all I am approved for. I cannot go higher.There are so many products and variations.I want mine to use Ubuntu linux.Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.Newport_j

I believe what you want is Intel C++ Composer XE 2011 for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS* X. See http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/buy-or-renew/#compilers, then click on "Find a Reseller".

- Barry

Okay, let me verify some things. Does Cilkview and Cilkscreen come with this? Does it have both a c (icc) and c++ (icpc) compiler?

Is the product number: ccx999lsge01

If it is not what is the product number?


> Does Cilkview and Cilkscreen come with this?

No. They are available as a free download from http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-cilk-plus-software-development-kit/.

> Does it have both a c (icc) and c++ (icpc) compiler?

Yes, I believe so.

> Is the product number: ccx999lsge01<.p>

Sorry, I don't know.

- Barry

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